We are on a mission to increase the number of students succeeding in high-quality schools today and thriving in the workforce tomorrow.

To do this, we work in partnership with many others to increase the number of school-ready children; increase the number of children learning in high-quality schools; and increase the number of young adults who earn a postsecondary credential.


Engaging the Community

We listen to students, parents, and educators.

Analyzing Data and Research

We analyze student achievement data, consult national research, and study outcomes from evidence-based practices.

Developing Solutions

These learnings inform the design of our strategies and solutions.


In partnership with school districts and community leaders we:

Grow Great Schools

Our goal is to create more high-quality school options for Houston’s students. We do this by partnering with school districts to improve existing schools as well as support the introduction of new school models. We provide strategic consulting to superintendents and their senior teams with the aim of increasing the number of A & B schools in their district.

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Develop Game-Changing Educators

One of the most important factors in determining student success is the teacher at the front of the classroom, which is why Good Reason Houston invests heavily in our Houston teachers and leaders. Our goal is to ensure every school is filled with game-changing educators who enter the profession with strong preparation and receive support to continually increase their impact. We work to develop educator talent through region-wide initiatives and through targeted strategies for individual school districts.

Our early talent initiatives are focused on attracting and retaining high-quality teachers and leaders. We launched TEACHforHouston.org, an online platform aimed at attracting strong teacher candidates to the profession.

Good Reason Houston also provides more targeted support to our partner districts to help build the talent pipeline and develop current teachers and principals. As part of this targeted support, we connect districts to talent providers and help them find resources to support innovative talent strategies.

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Advance Equitable Access

As we increase the number of great schools, we must ensure all students have equitable access to them. Good Reason Houston is committed to making sure parents and students have access to the information they need to make informed decisions about educational opportunities.

Our work starts with our youngest students, focusing on pre-K enrollment so that every child is school-ready by kindergarten. Our work continues beyond high school as we increase access for students to college and careers of their choice by helping districts remove financial barriers for all students.

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In order to achieve our goals, we:


for policies needed to create conditions for our schools and children to succeed


the education community around a common vision for student success and coordinate resources in pursuit of that vision


districts and providers in developing and implementing creative solutions


community leaders, educators, students, and families to seek perspectives and align efforts


information with parents and communities to inform decision-making and promote action