Houston Schools That Inspire

Houston Schools That Inspire invites you to celebrate the brilliance, innovation, and unwavering commitment to student success thriving within Houston public schools. Let’s learn from the quiet victories shaping lives and collectively working towards a future where every student in Houston feels successful. Houston, let’s get inspired!

Celebrating the good, learning from the best, and working towards a future where every student in Houston will thrive.

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We believe in:

Educating and empowering Houston to think expansively about what school can, and should, be.

Elevating best practices and key insights that we can learn from and be inspired by. 

Celebrating schools in our own backyard that are demonstrating excellence in a variety of ways.

2024 Houston Schools that Inspire

Houston ISD

Imagine a school where warmth, love, and security fill every moment, where each individual is valued, and where students, families, and staff unite as a community to foster great learning. Discover how Farias Early Childhood Center in creates space for education to be meaningful and rooted in something real.

YES Prep Public Schools

Picture a place where adults wholeheartedly believe in the boundless potential of three and four-year-olds, and where children are empowered to go above and beyond. See the transformative impact that happens when every adult at Yes Prep Airline Elementary is focused on unlocking the genius inside of each child.

Aldine ISD

This is a school where kids light up because they are exposed to new knowledge every day. A school committed to giving students more things to be curious about. Join us in learning more about how Kujawa Primary using a high-quality curriculum to stoke curiosity in our youngest learners.

Aldine ISD

What would it look like if students were given the opportunity to make important choices on their campus-like choosing their mascot, deciding what decorated their school walls, and having a voice in their education? Let’s step into Impact Leadership Academy, where campus culture is rooted in the identities and voices of the students.

Alief ISD

Envision a hub where students from across a district converge to immerse themselves in career and technical education. Under the guidance of seasoned instructors, students receive hands-on learning. Explore how The Marshall Center For Advanced Careers prepares students for choices beyond 12th grade.

Sheldon ISD

What would happen if a comprehensive high school campus committed to the idea that every student should have access to a diverse range of career and college readiness pathways? Uncover how C.E. King High School  ensures every student is engaged in meaningful college or career-readiness learning.——-

If you have schools you want to nominate for the 2025 Houston Schools That Inspire, click here to let us know.

2024 Areas Of Inspiration

This year, Houston Schools That Inspire is focused on uplifting schools that excel in the areas of Pre-K Education, Career and Technical Education, and Social-Emotional Learning. Beginning from the formative years in pre-K, extending through high school graduation, and encompassing the development of essential social-emotional skills along the way, we are proud to elevate the inspirational efforts within Houston’s public schools. 

Planting Seeds of Success

Pre-K Education

Young children bring an innate and beautiful sense of wonder to the pre-K classroom. A sense of curiosity, when cultivated in their early years can remain vibrant and beneficial as they progress through their education. The most inspiring Pre-K programs do just that.

Our Schools That Inspire Awardees champion developmentally-enriching environments that seamlessly integrate academics with exploration, allowing young minds to soar. These pre-K programs inspired us for their ability to build connections between school and home, nurture good habits, foster strong social skills, and enable joyful empowerment through movement and play.

Paving Pathways to Purpose

Career and Technical Education

In a city where the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise, Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs serve as crucial pathways for students to meet this demand head-on. These programs bridge education and industry, equipping students with technical skills, transferrable soft skills, and invaluable real-world experiences. With a robust curriculum, experienced instructors, and industry connections, students are engaged and empowered to pursue diverse career and educational opportunities post-high school graduation.

The Heart of Learning

Social and Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is increasingly being acknowledged as an indispensable part of public education. As with academic subjects, SEL demands intentional processes where students acquire and apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for emotional intelligence, social adeptness, and decision-making.

The development of social and emotional skills in students is a collaborative effort, requiring educators and policymakers to craft an intentional school climate and culture, and embed space for direct teaching and application of skills.

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