Be The Reason, Three-Part Series

Welcome to "Be the Reason," a captivating three-part video series presented by Good Reason Houston. At Good Reason Houston, we believe in fostering equitable access to quality education for every child in Houston, and our commitment to this mission shines through in our strategic initiatives.

In this series, we invite you on a journey through the educational landscape of our vibrant city, exploring what we've observed, what challenges lie ahead, and most importantly, how you, as a Houstonian, can be the reason in shaping the future of our students and families. Join us as we delve into the heart of educational innovation and community advocacy, positioning ourselves as a trusted thought leader with the pulse on the latest data and the expertise to drive positive change.

Episode 1 – Be the Reason Every Child Has an Early Start

Pre-K isn't just a step; it's a transformative leap for your child's future. In this video, we explore the current pre-K enrollment landscape in Houston, discuss its far-reaching benefits, and emphasize the pivotal role it plays in shaping your child's cognitive and social development.

Episode 2 – Be the Reason: Every Child Reads at Grade Level

We firmly believe that there are essential elements which are key to setting students up for success in school: to feel safe and confident, top-notch teachers in the classroom, and access to high quality instruction materials. In this video, we focus on how these materials serve as the cornerstone for effective teaching and learning in reading and math, highlighting the power of these resources in shaping the future of our students and ensuring that every child has the tools they need to excel in school.

Episode 3 – Be the Reason Every Child Graduates with Limitless Possibilities

Today, only 22% of Harris County students complete a postsecondary certificate or program within six years of their high school graduation. To bridge this gap and equip our students for the future, school districts must make substantial investments in college and career readiness, encompassing skills like AI proficiency and advanced soft skills. In this video, we navigate the conversation about the future of our students and the workforce in Houston, where education beyond high school becomes the key to unlocking limitless possibilities.

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