Cultivate a Supportive Ecosystem

To sustain long-term change across our city, Good Reason Houston works to cultivate a supportive ecosystem that continually fuels our schools with the talent and community support needed to ensure every child has access to a high-quality school.

Expand Educator Pipeline:

We believe great teachers and leaders create great schools, therefore we must expand the pipeline of game-changing educators. We invest in new teacher and principal recruitment and training, support a region-wide recruitment platform, and elevate the teaching profession.

Engage Families & Communities

Parents, families, and the entire community must have a voice in district-level decision-making to ensure strategies and solutions implemented meet families’ needs. We conduct research, provide districts with critical information on parents’ perspectives, and help districts build robust family engagement systems. Through subgrants, we work with other organizations to engage the community in important conversations about school quality across our city.

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Advance Equitable Access

As we increase the number of great public schools in Houston, every child must have access to these schools. Our work starts with our youngest students, focusing on pre-K enrollment so that every child is school-ready by kindergarten. Our work continues beyond high school as we increase access for students to college and careers of their choice by helping districts remove financial barriers for all students through Harris County Promise.