Good Friends 


Our city is powerful, but unfinished. And we know we will never reach our full potential as a city until we help all our children to achieve theirs. 

At Good Reason Houston we’re working to make sure every child in Houston goes to a high-performing school. Today, more and more members of our community are stepping forward to help lead the way—as Good Friends

Good Friends of Good Reason Houston make a special commitment to create more equitable outcomes – supporting ALL students’ opportunities to thrive. 

When you join Good Friends, you’ll accelerate the transformation of public schools! And you’ll receive special invitations, opportunities and reports to see the impact of your support and get a closer look at how we are working to transform Houston schools. 

As a Good Friend, you’ll deepen your connection to the progress we’re making, and the results we’re achieving every day.

Please join Good Friends of Good Reason Houston today with a tax-deductible donation of $1,000 or more.

Good Friends of Good Reason Houston
Houston Teachers and Houston Students learning in Houston schools


Each year, Good Friends support our work with a special project to accelerate the transformation of Houston public schools. This year, we’re focusing on teachersshowing them they’re appreciated and making sure they get the support they need to grow as educators and stay motivated. 

Our goal is to make sure every student in every classroom in every Houston public school is greeted each day by an amazing teacher who is getting all the support they need. 

We’ve set a goal of raising $25,000 to support teachers and education programs before the 2021-2022 school year begins this September, and we need your help to reach it. 

Your Good Friend gift of $1,000 or more will help fund all our work to support Houston teachers—from recruitment, to mentorship and training, to leadership skills and teacher appreciation—so more Houston kids can learn, grow and succeed!

You’ve shown you care about Houston kids and teachers. We know you appreciate the work we’re doing, and the progress we’re accelerating, at Good Reason Houston.  

Today, please show you’re someone kids and teachers can rely on—a good friend—by joining Good Friends


Aspiring Leaders Fellowship

Transformational administrators and teachers are necessary to reach our goal of 60,000 more students learning in excellent public schools, creating the need for 530 administrators and 2,500 teachers within the next five years. In 2019-20, our Aspiring Leaders program offered summer intensive courses at Rice University with 13 future school leaders as they completed their courses before beginning job-embedded learning this school year. 


Teacher Recruitment

Good Reason Houston partners with TEACH for Houston to offer a region-wide, online teacher recruitment platform. Interested candidates are supplied with resources including one-on-one advising, scholarships, and application tools to apply to an educator preparation program. Since 2019, over 700 users applied to high-quality preparation programs. 77% of those users identified as people of color.


Teacher Preparation

To ensure that teachers are prepared for the challenges and opportunities in Houston classrooms, we must take bold and innovative approaches to recruiting and developing teachers. Good Reason Houston is proud to partner with districts and high-quality educator preparation programs to ensure a pipeline of strong, diverse future teachers through grow-your-own teacher pathways and teacher residencies!