Yes, I pledge to become an Every Child Corporate Champion to support Good Reason Houston’s vision that every child, in every Houston neighborhood excels in a world-class public school and thrives in the Houston of tomorrow.


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Good Reason Houston will share information on how you can fulfill your commitment after we receive confirmation of your pledge. If you have any questions, please contact Stefanie Cruz at Stefanie@goodreasonhouston.org.



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The future of Houston is directly tied to the strength of our public education system. Even before the impacts of COVID-19 were felt in every corner of our community, more than 157,000 Houston students were attending a school not equipped to meet their needs. Our city’s educational equity crisis is being further compounded as a consequence of the pandemic, which will have a detrimental impact on the state of our local economy and workforce for years to come. 

Good Reason Houston is on a mission to increase the number of students learning in great public schools. We envision a future in which every child, in every neighborhood receives a world-class education and thrives in the Houston of tomorrow. To that end, we are committed to increase the number of Houston students receiving an excellent education by 25% by the year 2025.

In order to accomplish this ambitious and important goal, we need the support of the private sector and seek to build a coalition of more than 100 of Houston’s top corporations who share our commitment to this vision. We invite you to make the pledge today to become one of our Every Child Corporate Champions and commit your support to making sure that every Houston child receives the education they deserve.     

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