Launching A Blueprint for Change

Houston is home to more than 500,000 public school students, and more families from all over the country and around the world are moving to Houston each day. As the most diverse city in the nation, Houston is uniquely positioned to prove what is possible when an entire community comes together to demand an exceptional public education for every one of its children. The Houston of tomorrow depends on our ability to create a world-class public education system today.

This is not yet Houston’s reality, but it can be.

We can change our reality. We must – and we must do it now. We must come together to demand that every Houston child has access to the kind of public education that they need to seize the opportunities Houston offers them.

We will start by coming together to assert that there are fundamental educational rights we must ensure for every Houston child.

We believe each and every child deserves these fundamental things from their public school:

Access to an exceptional public school

Quality public school choices and experiences in their neighborhood

A welcoming school environment

An exceptional teacher in every classroom

Individual supports and learning opportunities

Access to early childhood education opportunities

Schools staffed by adults who have the highest expectations possible

Every Houston child deserves to attend an exceptional public school that prepares them to live, work, and thrive in the Houston of tomorrow. And, every neighborhood in Houston will be stronger if high quality public schools create a foundation for strong healthy communities.

Good Reason Houston, in partnership with hundreds of local parents, community leaders, and educators, is championing The Every Child, Every Neighborhood Blueprint for Change. 

This plan outlines the steps we believe every Independent School District and Charter District must take to create school environments that put students first, develop and support exceptional educators, and create quality school options that will allow children to attend the school that’s right for them – right in their own backyard.

Plan pillars:

We must demand bold courageous leadership.

Parents must be part of all decision-making processes.

We need more great schools.

Education starts early.

The most important education resource is a highly effective classroom teacher.

Curriculum and instruction shall be focused on giving all students the skills they need to be successful.

Schools must be safe, welcoming environments where every student and adult shares a common set of values and have clear responsibilities.

Schools must affirm the heritage and identity as well as meet the unique needs of each and every child.

Consider joining us in our work.

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Contact info@ablueprintforchange.org for more information about getting involved.

Read the Blueprint for Change

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