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Maintain a Rigorous & Transparent Academic Accountability System

Students, families, and communities deserve a rigorous and transparent academic accountability system.  One that measures school quality, student academic success, and illuminates where to target needed resources.

Preserve Landmark House Bill 3 Public School Funding

House Bill 3 funds data-backed, student-focused reforms designed to improve student outcomes. HB 3’s focus on closing learning gaps that existed pre-COVID is more important than ever, as pandemic-related learning loss will likely further widen the outcomes between students experiencing poverty and their non-low-income peers.

Safeguard State Policies that Support the Creation of New, High-Quality Public Schools

Continue to promote and incentivize school leaders to develop and implement innovative school models that meet the needs of their students and communities.

Support Equitable Access to Reliable and Affordable Digital Connectivity

Ensure access to reliable connectivity and devices so all students may participate fully in a modernized PK-12 public education system.

Advance Policies that Increase Postsecondary Student Enrollment and Completion

As K-12 schools improve, increase access to postsecondary options that grow pathways to higher wage jobs and strengthen workforce/economy.

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