Spotlight: Marvin Pierre, New School Fellow

Dec 9, 2020

Good Reason Houston formally launched its New School Fellowship program in Houston this year, which will benefit from state-wide collaboration while also creating new local models that transform school choice and the way the Houston educational landscape views “world class.”

The guiding principles for this fellowship are: 1) Community Driven Design; 2) Design and Rigorous Piloting; 3) Learn, Share, and Expand Best Practices; 4) School Autonomy; and 5) Personalized Development. In addition, there are two pathways.

The first pathway exists for leaders who already have a mature and detailed school vision and have had the opportunity to pilot aspects of their vision within a school community, and the second pathway exists for experienced leaders who need more time to design their school vision and pilot aspects of their school model.


Marvin Pierre

Marvin Pierre is the Founder and Executive Director of 8 Million Stories.

Prior to joining 8 Million Stories, he was selected as a Bridge Fellow with The New Teacher Project (TNTP). Marvin focused his fellowship on developing Eight Million Stories, an alternative education program that has already changed the trajectory of thousands of young Houston lives through skills training and employment opportunities. Marvin is a New School Fellow in the first pathway who is taking his experience serving marginalized student populations and establishing The Justice Lab School, a unique environment that will keep students in school and build bridges to life after high school.