About Us

Who We Are

With generous seed funding from the Houston community, and local foundations, Good Reason Houston launched in 2018.

Since then, we have grown to serve over 11 public school districts and systems in Houston with 500,000 students.

What We Do

We transform education in Houston by:

Improving Public Schools

Sharing Data

Building Coalitions

Empowering Parents

Advocating for Students

We champion a bold, community-wide vision in the hope that all Houstonians join our movement to improve education.

Why it Matters

Learning in a high-quality school can change the trajectory of a child’s life, and we believe every child deserves an excellent public-school education.

About 1 in 3 students in Houston are attending a low-performing school.

Only 44% of third-grade students are reading on or above grade level.

Low-performing schools—those rated C, D, or F—perpetuate economic inequity and can unfairly limit the potential of their students. 

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Research indicates that students who attend high performing schools are more likely to:
Contrarily, students who attend low performing schools are:

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