New School Launch fellowship

WHO: Next cohort of educational entrepreneurs
WHAT: Create the next generation of innovative schools
WHEN: Beginning September 2021
HOW: Apply for a 15-month, full-time paid fellowship

Good Reason Houston’s New School Launch Fellowship supports leaders aspiring to develop innovative school models that are responsive to the needs and demands of families within our most educationally underserved communities. The 15-month program is a full-time, paid fellowship that supports diverse, entrepreneurial instructional leaders through the authorization process to launch a new public school.

The fellowship will start in September of 2021, and all programming will be virtual until it is appropriate to migrate to an in-person format. The program is for instructional leaders who already have a strong school vision shaped by community voice and rigorous piloting and are ready to start operationalizing their model to launch a new school.   


More Details

Good Reason Houston’s New School Launch Fellowship (NSLF) provides a unique opportunity for diverse, visionary, entrepreneurial educators to design, build, and launch new school models in Houston. The Fellowship launches school models that are developed in partnership with and responsive to local family input and community demand, with the ultimate goal of launching new models that break new ground in the city and create world class education opportunities to the students who need them most. As part of our commitment to dramatically increase the number of great public schools in Houston by 2025, we believe new school models are needed Houston are needed. Based on our own research in Houston, we know that even before the COVID-19 pandemic a high percentage of parents in Houston felt limited by public neighborhood school options and had a strong interest in more diverse school choices for their children. The New School Launch Fellowship is part of Good Reason Houston’s efforts to partner with school districts and charter management organizations to create new schools for Houston’s students and families. 

The New School Launch Fellowship is for instructional leaders who already have a strong school vision shaped by community voice and rigorous piloting and are ready to start operationalizing their model to launch a new school. The Fellowship is designed to develop leaders in three main areas: submitting a high-quality application to open a new school within a district or as a new independent charter school, creating a new organization including setting up a 501c3 and establishing a Board to support to success of the school, and building skills in community-based design to develop a school model rooted in community need, partnerships, and data. If this is you, we encourage you to apply, today!

Apply for the New School Launch Fellowship at GoodReasonHouston.org


The resources and coaching that I have received from the Good Reason Houston team and their service providers has really helped to stretch my growth as a leader and deepen my preparation to build and lead a school that will transform the lives of students and communities.

Marvin Pierre

Gen 26 Houston Fellow

This fellowship had helped me on my journey by ensuring that I had the tools and support necessary to create my school model. The fellowship creates different sessions with consultants who helped us to gain more clarity of how to create a budget as well and crafting a staffing model that is aligned to the budget.

Destiny Woodbury

Gen 27 Houston Fellow

This fellowship has helped me understand the intricacies of running a charter school and has given me expert resources to help with the details. I really wanted the autonomy to bring a new, innovative concept to my city.

Amanda McMickle

Gen 27 San Antonio Fellow

Application Process

  1. Qualified leaders will submit an application which includes submitting a resume and work samples. The application includes several prompts for written responses.
  2. Candidates who are advanced to the next step will receive feedback on their responses and then given time to revise and resubmit their work based on that feedback. This is designed to mirror the experience of writing the district or state charter application. The feedback on the writing sample will be discussed during a phone screen.
  3. If advanced, candidates will next be invited to attend a half-day interview. During this time candidates will discuss their fellowship application with a variety of Good Reason Houston leaders as well as participate in role-play related to instructional coaching and communication.
  4. We will check references for our finalists and extend offers to our top applicants.

How to apply

Step 1: Download the application WORD document. 

Step 2: Complete the application, and save it along with all supporting materials as a bundled PDF document.

Step 3: Email your completed application PDF document to fellowship@goodreasonhouston.org.