Our Work

The State of Public School Education

Almost 30% of public school students attend a school rated C, D or F

Only 46% of third graders are reading on or above grade level 

80,000 HISD students attend a struggling school – that’s more kids than seats in NRG Stadium

94% of students in Houston attend a public school – that’s about 500,000 kids

Our Charge

We work to grow the supply of and demand for high-quality public schools in Houston. The Houston community requires a non-partisan, non-elected education champion that perpetually beats the drum of quality, equity, and accountability.

It is the combination of Growing Great Schools with urgency and taking strategic steps to Rally Houstonians for Change that will increase the share of high-quality schools and foster an ecosystem that sustains any improvements

Growing and Sustaining Great Schools

We work closely with campus and district leaders to:

  • transform the quality of low-performing campuses through school improvement initiatives that support high-quality curriculum and instruction and school turnaround model design and implementation like ACE.
  • Replicate school models and practices that have evidence of success.
  • Cultivate new leaders to found new schools or transform existing ones through our fellowship programs and partnerships.

To find these statistics and more visit our data dashboard.

Rallying Houstonians For Change

At the same time, we build and advocate for an agenda that holds leaders accountable to and enables quality and equity, informed by our work with school districts and shaped by the voices of families, community leaders, and business leaders.

Examples of region-wide campaigns, led by Good Reason Houston:

Pre-K Campaign

In 2021, the Go Somewhere campaign was launched as a region-wide effort to support districts in driving enrollment back to pre-pandemic levels. In coordination with nine Houston-area districts, we manage this pre-K awareness campaign to ensure that parents who qualify for free pre-K in our area have access to enroll.

Teacher Talent Campaign

Houston Loves Teachers is a region-wide recruitment and retention campaign aimed at helping attract high-quality teachers to our area, and recognize and support current educators teaching in our city.

School Quality Matters

Far too many students attend struggling Houston public schools, but every child in every neighborhood deserves a great school.

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Where We Work

Aldine ISD

Spring ISD

Alief ISD

Galena Park ISD

KIPP Texas Public Schools

Pasadena ISD

Spring Branch ISD

Klein ISD

YES Prep Public Schools

Sheldon ISD

Houston ISD

Channelview ISD

Where We Work

Good Reason Houston champions a bold, community-wide vision for high-quality education. We focus resources on the districts that serve the most students in need – traditional district campuses and public charter schools located within Houston city boundaries.

Programs and Resources

Data Dashboard

Explore our interactive Houston Public Schools Data Portal. These public datasets will quantify and inform your decision-making about the state of public education in Houston.

Insights & Analysis

Visit our insights portal and view data snapshots for Houston, Harris County and more. Read through reports that make meaning out of the numbers. 

Legislation and Policy Research

Good Reason Houston supports legislation to improve the quality of Houston Public Schools.

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Houston is Powerful,
Yet Unfinished

Good Reason Houston exists to grow the DEMAND for more great public schools and team up with district and school leaders to grow the SUPPLY of great schools throughout our city.

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