Parent Pep Talk: Preparing for the New School Year

The new school year is right around the corner, and we are here with a pep talk for parents. Your child may be experiencing a range of emotions, including excitement, anxiety, and maybe disappointment that summer vacation is coming to an end. A new school year means they may be worried about having a new teacher, making new friends, and meeting a new set of expectations – but this also applies to you as a parent. 

You’ve come this far, and here’s how you can continue to grow, to set your child and yourself up for success, both at home and school. 

You’ve got this! (And if you don’t, there’s help)

  • Parents must believe and see themselves as a confident leader for their child—you know your child better than anyone.
  • Being a confident leader for your child starts with listening, getting curious, and observing their child – leadership doesn’t necessarily entail directing your child’s every move, but first really getting to know what motivates your child, what they love, or what they struggle with. Kids don’t always say these things directly, so it’s so important to observe and get curious. 
  • Develop a team of support – if you don’t have the answer, you have a team of counsel – be intentional about who you seek out for advice and guidance. Don’t forget that you can count on your child’s teacher, your friends, family members, school counselor, etc. to help you!
  • To learn more on navigating through parenthood and how you can enhance your parenting philosophy, these organizations can help lead you to more information. 

There’s no need to stress – resources are here for you!

  • It’s easy to think about preparing for school in terms of school supplies, new shoes, and the right backpack, but school also means a new routine, a new rhythm for everyone in the family. 
  • As a parent, connection and partnership with your school and your child’s teacher is key to preparing for a successful school year. 
  • School calendars are a good starting point. Download your child’s school or district calendar to get more information on events, holidays, and examination schedules.
  • Teachers usually provide communication tools and apps to facilitate conversations and information-sharing. Ask your child’s teacher which modes of communication they prefer – apps, such as Remind, email, text, or the traditional face-to-face. 

Your child is going to have a great time at school!

  • Congratulations! Your child is starting school, whether it’s their first year or their last. During these uncertain times, the academic landscape has changed and we’ve all had to adapt to our newfound environments. 
  • Be present, be encouraging, be excited – take time to encourage your child to pursue their passions or discover new hobbies to accompany their growth. 
  • Soak all of this in! It’s your journey too. 

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